After doing photography for while, we began to realize that many of the questions we were getting asked were the same. Because of this, we thought we would share these Questions & Answers here with all of you.

Don’t worry if you ask these questions when we meet; we love chatting about weddings and my work in general and have no problem re-answering them for you!


Q: What areas do you serve?
We cover Ottawa and the surrounding areas including Prescott, Brockville, Perth and Gatineau. If you're not sure you fall into those areas, contact us and let's talk!


Q: How many photographers will there be on our wedding day?
Most of our packages include 2 photographers on your wedding day (aka both Stephanie and Dave will be there)!! 


Q: How many other events will you shoot on my wedding day?
We do not shoot any other events/sessions on the day of a wedding. We would hate to be late to your wedding, or have our equipment malfunction before your day started, so your wedding is our number one priority!


Q: How many images can I expect to see from my wedding? Is there an upper limit to how many photos you will edit/submit?
We shoot approximately 50 submitted images an hour during a wedding and about 15-30 an hour during a portrait or engagement session. That being said, we have no upper or lower limits to how many photos you will receive. We want to tell the story of your day, not meet a quota of photographs or limit your images.


Q: How would you describe your photography style?
Throughout most of your wedding day, we tend to blend into the background and shoot your wedding as it unfolds naturally. During the formal portrait session portion of your photography session, we take a more active role and assist with posed shots that will represent you as a couple and your wedding day.


Q: Where can I view your portfolio and your most recent work?
Our portfolio can be viewed in the galleries here on the site while our more recent work is posted on the blog.


Q: What type of equipment do you use? Do you have equivalent backup equipment?
We use only professional grade equipment. Specifically, our equipment consists of multiple full-frame Nikon brand cameras with a plethora of high quality, low f-stop lenses. We have professional grade backup equipment in case technical glitches arise during your big day. We also run our cameras in ‘full backup’ mode, which means that we use two memory cards that simultaneously capture all of your images. This helps ensure your images are protected even if there is a card error on your wedding day.


Q: Do you provide your images in colour or black & white? Are they retouched/edited?
Yes! All of the images you receive are fully hand-retouched and are provided in both colour and black & white.


Q: What is your editing style like? Can I see a before and after of some of your previous work?
We aim to edit minimally. We want to enhance the beauty of the images as it was on your wedding day, not style to some new editing trend. We colour correct, sharpen and brighten/darken images as required. We also perform minor edits for blemishes, etc. where required.


Q: Do you have testimonials from recent couples?
Definitely! You can also view all of our recent testimonials on the website.


Have more questions? We would love to hear from you!